Aerial Dancing with Ayla Claypool

blog_10-Feb-2015Yesterday saw my camera out and about and photographing the lovely Ayla Claypool.  Most of these images are posted on Facebook, but for those of you who prefer the old Bloggy standard, I am re-posting here…

The out of the camera shots were pretty neat but then of course….. I had to “play” with a couple and do something different…. I’ve been so busy lately, editing images from recent shoots and doing prep work for Pacific Grove , that it was nice to spend a bit of time just muckin’ around in Photoshop!

Alison - Always love it when you play. Great pictures love the purple.

joanne thieme huffman - Absolutely love the intensity of the colors.

TERA - WOW – Love the last 2 best!!!

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Shades of Emma


I’ve had the chance to photograph some lovely young ladies this week… the first of whom is “Emma”.

She was kind enough to continue my explorations with Long Exposure … dash …. multiple exposure style work which has become a part of a series that I am putting together for exhibition, along with some  “regular” kind of images.


My “in the studio” photographic journey continues to be both fun and challenging ….. figuring out how to light my subjects to achieve the image in my mind’s eye….and still do the models justice!

terry rowe - incredible work, just great. You make my imagination fly with your imagery.

Robin aka gotham girl - Just amazing!

Fran aka Redondowriter - Absolutely gorgeous photos of beautiful women.

Joanne Thieme Huffman - stunning!

Bren - First off congrats on the upcoming exhibition, you have been creating stunning work, wouldn’t I love to be at that exhibit! Love how you echoed her image in the first piece.

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Pretty Women

blog_31-Jan-2015Aside from “shooting” Fine Art Nudes and Landscapes, I think I am finally finding my “style” in the world of “model” photography – that sort of whimsical, slightly surreal, a tad painterly but also a bit flamboyant …..? Maybe, …. perhaps?

All I know is that it is fun to take the out of camera shot and turn it into something slightly less than expected and hopefully verging on the wonderful….

blog_31b-Jan-2015I am enjoying, as always, the creative compositing of images that I shoot, but I am also having lots of fun “making” my camera do the work as well….

What do you think?  Am I hitting the mark?

Model credits in order: Faith Obae, Caitlin Epstein, Emma Johnson, Faith Obae, Bunny Luna, Jess Wilcock, Portia Victoria.

Alison - Great stuff,keepit coming.OXOX M

Terry Rowe - spot on! great work…inspiring

Joanne Thieme Huffman - These are lovely; I love the touch of whimsy.

Robin aka gotham girl - Yes, Yes, Yes! Love!

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