Tired But Here

I’ve kind of lost count of the hours.  Deciding to eschew my Typepad blog and venture off into the unkown space of WordPress has proven to be quite the challenge.  After downloading multiple and OH so lovely templates that were filled with HTML customizatons out the Wazoo I have finally sought refuge at Pro Photo.  Not to say that has been a cake walk either, but at least I can see some semblance of bloggy order after a few hours of work.

There’s still lots to figure out and  since I want this to be my BLOG site and not so much a representation of my professional photography portfolio I need to refine the notion somewhat.

Anyway, if you are here, that is great.  And I look forward to your company along the way.


Bren - I’m here thanks to your post on FB! Not for the faint of heart this, cause if you struggled with your techie skills, I’d be lost! It’s a beautiful site and I love the photo! Now to go check out what all you’ve been up to!

Chris - As busy as I am, you are busier!!
I’m very much looking forward to the evolution of your new site.

gotham girl - Great to connect with your new home! Beautiful photo!

Nancy Gene Armstrong - It looks wonderful-fresh and exciting. Good move.

joanne thieme huffman - Welcome to your new blog home.

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Figuring this thing out.

Chris - So glad for no captcha codes!

Okay, don’t take it the wrong way, but I’m sketching this and using it. I realize it’s probably a building somewhere, but I’m not sketching the whole building. I’m sketching this perfectly cropped image you have here.

(There may be some tags on it by the time I’m done, but that will be my little signature…)

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