A Little More Full Moonery

Playing a little more with my full moon shots, adding some Delaware winter and Long Island Falconry to complete the mood.

 The year is slipping by faster than I can believe as I noticed today that the leaves are already changing on the trees adjacent to the lake and to step onto the deck at night now brings a pleasant chill and less of the sultry Summer air.

 I am already booking tickets for the boys to visit for Christmas, penning in a visit from my Sister from Australia in October and getting ready to head back to Germany to visit my Mother as well as planning travel to Slovenia and Barcelona.

My notebooks for the Photography/Photoshop  Workshop in November are getting full and the PDF’s are getting written!  So it’s go, go, go right now…

Marcie - Love this dream imagery….such beautiful work!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Beautiful piece.

Lee Solt - That is really a great piece of art!

Bren - Talk about your ‘global’ family!
Can’t wait for the pictures form you next trips, I get to see the world through your lens!
This piece is hauntingly beautiful.

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Getting The Ball Rolling

I’ve discovered in the last few days/weeks, that being an Event Planner is never going to be high on my list of “jobs to do”!

Seeking event space to hold an Photography Workshop has proven to be a testing experience and I have a new found admiration for anyone who tries to host a less than conference style event hereabouts.

Charlotte is a big city, with much space to spare but, as I have discovered, much to my chagrin, only capable of working in concert with those of deep corporate pockets and large tax write-offs and not too interested in the “regular” folk of this world.

 The Museums, which are apparently cash strapped, deign not to follow through on phone calls to lease their spaces and hotels want $450.00 a day to rent a TV  to show AV presentations – for goodness sakes in addition to the cost of the room rental!

I have also learned that you have to be a bit ballsy and challenge the prices and interestingly enough, there is room for negotiation in many instances.

Anyway, for all the fraught weeks, I’m pleased to say the due diligence is done and I’ve bitten the bullet and written contracts today to host my first workshop here in North Carolina.

At this point I don’t really care if I have 2 or 12 participants in the workshop as so far it’s been a great learning experience and I’m thinking that not too far down the road I will be renting a “proper” studio!  Where I can just have “at it” when I want!

gotham girl - What a fabulous capture! I’m sure it’s such a learning experience. So wish I was close to take your class!!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Maybe I’ll make the trip down south someday to take one of your classes. Love the photo with this post.

Bren - Phew! Not something I ever want to tackle my friend. Good on you for doing so. I hope you have a full crowd, getting word out now will be the trick.

mary bailey - I’m all signed up, Marie 🙂 Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into setting up this workshop. I know we are going to have a great time!

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Gold and Blue – in Venice



   Just messing about with some old images….

Realising the beauty of RAW files, where all the information is there, you just have to PULL it out!…..

With a little judicious cutting, pasting, cloning and tweaking!

And the addition of the odd texture or two….

The proverbial Photoshop Oyster ……

joanne thieme huffman - fun!

Bren - Love the abstracted realism and the wonderful colour you were able to pull out. Wonderful

gotham girl - Oh how I LOVE this!!

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Fabulous Florida

We skipped off down to Flordia for a few days over the long weekend to visit Family.  Some sunshine, some rain and lots of fun walking on the beach and cooking up Shrimp Boils with delicious seafoood from Joe Patti’s – the best tasting seafood ever!


joanne thieme huffman - Florida beaches are my favorites. The top piece really captures what I love about them.

Cindy Lane - LOVE your new site Marie! Vibrant and colourful just like you!

Bren - Sounds and looks like a little piece of paradise, glad you had fun! Love the dreamy feel of your photos

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A Little HDR Therapy

St Francis of Assisi, Staunton, VA

  When I was Spartan Race hunting in VA the other weekend, the nearest town of note was Staunton.  It’s the home of Woodrow Wilson’s Presidential Library amongst other things.  I’m not sure what the people of the town get up to on a daily basis, but there sure are a heck of a lot of lovely churches there.  I think most of them were built before the era of electricty and internet because it was a challenge to get a decent shot of any of these wonderful buildings without finding them liberally decorated with horizontal wires and vertical power poles.

I snapped a couple of exposures of this one particular edifice, the St Francis of Assisi Church – complete with at least 6 power lines!!

I adjusted the images in ACR, did a bit of “repair” work and then combined them in Photoshop using the HDR processing utility.

Much better without the evidence of 21st Century Man and definitely much closer to what I “saw” in my mind!

Bren - As always you’ve done an excellent job of cleaning up and finishing this piece. I like how the effects you used brought out the stone/brickwork, beautifully impressive.

Joanne Thieme Huffman - I love what you’ve done to bring out the best in this church.

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