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DH is off and away tonight, and for the first time in ages I have the Bose Stereo cranked up to the MAX (thank goodness for double glazing!!) with Sam Sparrow – Black and Gold , Mumford and Sons  (amongst others) playing … missing my huge NY music room with big built in speakers and neigbours an acre away – this stuff is played best UBER loud!

Even in confined spaces though it makes for great “art making” music (for me)!

Soothes the bitter pill of a frustrating day  spent acquiring a NC Driver’s License.  First adventure to the DMV last week revealed the need not only to present paperwork etc but to sit the TEST, AGAIN, despite having previously had an NC dl.  Back home to read the manual.

Second trip this  morning and I am 70% of the way complete before it becomes apparent that I should have brought my “ALIEN” card with me, (aka Green Card) – not previously specified as necessary.
Race home, get the card, take a new number and wait another 40mins.  Wait while all the stuff is re-entered into the computer, do the vision test, take the road sign test, take the written driving test (20/20 thank you!) only to be told that they will only issue me a license for the months remainging on my Green Card and once that is renewed I will have to come back and take all the damned tests again!   UGH UGH UGH

There are an enourmous amount of unattractive expletives that would adequqately represent my sentiments about this proceedure.  Firstly, since I dont TALK like anyone else around here, it would have been nice if they had suggested that I bring my Green Card with me when I first called to make enquiries about what was needed to get an NC license  (no I don’t sleep with my Green Card in my wallet and I am clearly NOT a local!).

Second, why if I have no infringements on my licesnse EVER do I have to take the damned test over and over again for NC.. You don’t need to do this in DE or NY, you just roll up, pay money and get a new card.
And thirdly, I really resent being treated like some second class piece of **** because I have a Green (Alien) Card.  I pay LOTS of money in taxes.  I do non-profit work, have been a PTA president and do goodness knows what else to contribute to the communities I live in, paid lots of money and jumped through all the right hoops to obtain my residence here in a legal fashion and really don’t like being looked down the nose at.

An atrocious experience to say the least.

And a definite excuse to lay on the Head Banging music full blast!!!!!!!!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ………..


Joanne Thieme Huffman - My sister-in-law has a green card and also has to go through some amazing crap sometimes. It’s very frustrating.

Alison - This post certainly demands a comment.Come to Germany at the ripe old age of —- and having driven a car for 50+ years without any penalty points and be told you rate as a learner driver, to obtain
a German licence.Frustrating to say the least.
My commiserations,just hang in there and blast the music and make sure every piece of paper has the right stamp. OXOX M

gotham girl - Blast away! Fabulous image!

Marilyn Gallas - Welcome to North Carolina. Just think about what the non-aliens have to go through to get a voter ID there. It might be a beautiful area to live in, but the mentality is somewhat “good old boy” and uber conservative. I really like the treatment of this image. Beautiful work, Marie.

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The Ultimate in Visual Journaling


“I fell in love with taking pictures, with wandering around finding things. To me it feels like a kind of performance. The picture is a document of that performance.” Alec Soth

Joanne Thieme Huffman - lovely – both the image and the quote.

Bren - I love the visual journaling, to see the places you have been through your lens and now with that creative flare you bring to push it that extra space, perfect. Such a beautiful piece, it’s warm and rich.

gotham girl - Takes me back to a very memorable trip!

Chris - amazing.

Marcie - Oh…how I’d love to learn your ‘post-process’. Gorgeous!

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Gerbera Happy Snappies


I bought these fab red and gold gerberas at the grocery store the other day with full intentions of taking some pix of said same flowers.  Well, one thing led to another and I did not get around to picture taking and now they are on their second to last legs so I figured it was do or die today!

I wanted ALL the flower in all it’s glory, so tripod, macro lens, ambient light, and cranked the aperture up (or down depending on how you view things) to get a nice long exposure and max depth of field.  Ubber pretty despite the startings of crispy edges – which is totally my fault for waiting.

This is pretty well the SOOC image with a little sharpening.

THEN of course I had to fiddle…..


The portrait “pano” format is one that is often forgotten but actually presents quite well and looks really good when it’s printed up.  Also makes for nice Moo cards and gift tags!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - lovely. And, I’m definitely going to use the idea of printing photos for gift tags.

Bren - Oh these would look beautiful on tags and the Moo cards, just love the stark backdrop and the vivid detail of the flower(s) Just gave a bouquet of these to our daughter on the opening of her own hair salon, her favourite flower 🙂

Chris - Pano Love!!

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