Gold and Green

The leaves are beginning to change on the trees and Harvest Festivals are well underway so a trip to the mountains was in order for the day.

The adventure included a stop at the town of Elkin where they were holding the Yadkin Pumkin Festival.  Talk about orange monsters!!  No photoshoppery with perspective or size as you can see this little man is not much taller than the pumpkin he was racing past!  There was a handy dany forklift available to get your pumpkin back into the rear of your Pick-Up truck once the judging was complete!  Just in case growing massive pumpkins is your thing!

And to reverse the perspective, I could not resist this shot of the tiny “Handful of Hound”, sweetly adorned with a little Halloween fun and happily napping his way through the festivities.




From Pumpkin perusing we changed gears and headed to Stone Mountain Park to chase a new waterfall.  Naughty me neglected to take my tripod or ND filters so I had to content myself with trying to get the right kinds of shots by propping my camera up against the odd tree or rock.

This waterfall is pretty impressive but it’s quite the cardio work-out to get down and back UP the 1000’s of stairs that adorn the cliff side for access.  Well worth the hike and the effort though.  And on the list to go back with the proper kit for sure!



Joanne Thieme Huffman - Great illustrations of why fall is my favorite season.

gotham girl - OMG…if you did that without a tripod then I can’t wait to see it when you return again! Striking! If I ever find myself in this area I’ll ask for your top picks! This place is incredible!

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Venetian Beauty


I don’t go too many days that I miss revisiting the stash of pictures that I snapped in Venice in 2012.  It almost seems light years away, especially when you consider that 2013 is on the downswing – scarry thought!!

So a little editing and fiddling about tonight, making great use of the new set of textures that I have worked on.

My version of a “Big Head and Background” for those of you who get what I mean.

Bren - Just love the grungy look of this piece, so dramatic!

jean hutter - Great piece Marie and I get what you mean ; ) She looks like she is keeping lots of secrets!

gotham girl - STUNNING! It is so hard to believe that 2014 is around the corner.

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Some New Textures To Play With


Fiddling around with creating some new textures that I have been using of late.

You can find them here.

Bren - You have been one busy girl! Love the textures, in particular the grungy ones, no if only I enjoyed working in PS! Still some of those make me itch to paint 🙂

Joanne Thieme Huffman - How generous! Thanks.

lorraine - Have been very remiss in visiting Marie so apologies. Wonderful new site – love the layout. Did you do it yourself? It seems WordPress is definitely becoming more and more popular as I gather it allows so many more options. Take care. Lorraine

gotham girl - I just can not wait to learn all about textures one day! These are so great! Thank you for the future! 🙂

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Portrait Pretties



Work of a sort this evening – post processing images from a recent model get-together.
When you use fairly inexpensive models for a photoshoot one of the “unwritten rules” is that you are supposed to provide them with a number of images that they can add to their portfolio.  And whilst shooting glamour or fashion is not really my gig (leaving that to #2 son to master) I rarely pass up any decent opportunity to shake my camera and improve my photography or lighting skills and I am happy to play and then do a little payback.

And on the topic of postprocessing, what is up with all the crooked images that get posted to Facebook?  I mean come on…. even if you are shooting with a camera phone, there are apps up the wazoo that can help you do a quick edit or two.  Anyone who purports to being a professional photographer AND conducting workshops for said same should be ashamed to post such lazy fare!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - A very “reasonable” price to pay. Great shore -even if they’re not your favorite to do.

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Aerial Delights


After rather a late start, DH and I ended up at the Winston Salem Air Show today.  Absolutely spectacular (what we saw of it) and a lucky snag of a spot at the end of the runway where the Aeroshell Acrobatic Team were taking off from netted some fantastic shots.  They are certainly a very talented bunch of pilots!
It was all I could do to keep up with them as they flew right overhead.  12 frames per second would have been handy!
I also caught a few good pix of the B-25 as if flew overhead and a number other facinating flying machines including the lumbering C-123.

I’ve not tried to photograph flying aeroplanes before, certainly a bit of a learning curve and decent panning skills an advantage.  Definitely great fun though!

Lee Solt - Welcome to my world!

Absolutely LOVE being at the airport during air shows. You did great with the photos. I am always criticized for “freezing” the propellers when shooting with too high a shutter speed. As it is always a trade-off of sharp images versus prop blur. Yours looks great.

Jets are so much easier to shoot.

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Great shots!

Bren - Fantastic shots! Makes you catch your breath!

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