European Tales – Germany

A few fast and furious days spent in Germany visiting my Mother.  Sadly the weather has not been all that peachy and photos snapped in-between rain showers and storms…. the landscape wonderful none the less!


A little digital painting of the last of the Summer Blooms to cap the sojourn off….



alison - Perfect OXOX M

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Test Driving Corel’s New Particle Shop Plug-In for Photoshop

I’ve been having a little bit of fun over the past few days “test driving” the new Photoshop Plug-In by Corel, called Particle Shop.
It affords Photoshop users the ability to access some of the fabulous Particle Brushes that are normally only available in Corel Painter.  In fact the brush sets that are available for Particle Shop are unique to that software and do not natively come with Corel Painter!

I’ll share with you three sets of images that more or less come from out of the camera, to Photoshop Composite and then embellished using Particle Shop Plug-In Brushes.

The first is of Holly, better know as Ivory Flame, shot recently on location in the UK.
Image 2 is a creative composite using the out of camera shot.
Image 3 is the composite worked further in Photoshop using Particle Shop and various other techniques to render a more painterly image.  I used the Fantasy Fabric Brushes as well as Super Hero ones and some from the Smoke collection.


The second set of images are of Model – Emma, shot here in my Studio in Charlotte, NC. and I have a handy dandy set of wings that I photographed.

The Photoshop Composite was created using the the model and wing images as well as rocky backgrounds from Iceland and stormy skies from Jones Beach, Long Island.

The Third Image is the composite after working with the Particle Shop Plug-In in Photohshop using the Fantasy Fabric, Fur, Dust and Debris Collections.



And last but not least…. I started with a model shot of the lovely Vik Tory.

The composited some images from Iceland and Long Island along with my Ballerina.

Finally I worked the image using Particle Shop to help create a somewhat fantastic skirt for my Dancer, this time using the Fabric Fantasy, Smoke and Steam Brushes.


It’s early days yet and these images are fairly quick “fiddles”…. I still want to work on a few more pictures and really get a feel for all the brushes in the various sets.
When I am happy that I have put the Plug-In through all it’s paces I shall be writing a full review and will keep you posted!

alison - wonderful OXOX M

SONPHAM - thanks

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From the “Drawing Board”

Karen Burns and I have been busy these past two weeks working with the students in our new Online Class, Digital Paint Works – Part Two and I have to say it’s going very very well!  An awesome group of students who are producing fabulous work indeed!

Not too much shooting with my camera of late, plenty of web mistressing and some editing of previews for Clients in between times.  I am also getting ready to head off to teach at Art Unraveled in a few short weeks and busy getting the prep done for the three classes that I will be teaching there… woo hoo.

So… I will leave you with a few photographic and some painterly edits from the last week or so … just in case you don’t catch them on Facebook – and some are not even shared there..


joanne thieme huffman - Such a lovely array of art.

Alison - They are all so lovely. OXOX M

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Golden Daze

Summer here in the Carolinas always heralds fields of golden sunflowers….
This year because of the lack of rain the fields are about half the height they were 12 months ago, but beautiful nonetheless… and definitely worth another early (6am) jump out of bed day to catch the wonderful morning light!


Deborah - Beautiful!!!

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