How It Works for Angels

In March of 2013 I was fundraising for my friend Nancy who had been struck down by a mindblowingly debilitating form of Cancer…. roll on 18 months and she is hale, hearty and creating up a storm with her Powertex Sculptures and Encaustic works….

I recently had the good fortune to purchase one of Nancy’s newest creations

20141117_6755and tonight decided to have a little FUN with some images that I shot of the sculptured piece that I purchased off her…

blog_19_nov_2014In creating this I used some of Karen Burn’s new Skies and Water Textures... namely Scratchy Blues and Autumn Sky.

The rest of the imagery comes from an opportunity I had to shoot at Highgate Cemetary in London this past September.

Alison - I am so thrilled to hear the good news about Nancy.Her angel is a treasure,love what you have done with her.OXOX M

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Beautifully done! I love Nancy’s Powertex pieces.

nancy donaldson - thank you marie, for all your love and support!! I am so grateful to have wonderful community of friends who got me to where I am today! doing what I love, creating! and I am happy that I inspired you to create this stunning image! xoxox

gotham girl aka Robin - Wow! Fantastic!

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Sheep and Ferns…and the seven step process

A while back I mentioned that when we were last in Asheville at the Fiber Fair I’d garnered a cute new addition to my Studio flotsam as well as another handy addition to my pottery mug collection…. well finally, here are some pix … of the Sheep and the Mug…. since I had the lights out – futzing with another project….


And here’s product of the futz project…..

Step 1: pinch some likely looking fern objects from the flower arrangements at a Charity Benefit event…
Step 2: forget them for at least 24hrs, tucked in the backseat of the car…
Step 3: try to revive said sad fern bits
Step 4: give up on the revival step and go straight to step 6
Step 5: consider doing laundry… or….
Step 6: get out the lights and shoot the darned things….. whithered or not…


Step 7: Muck about with them in Photoshop…. (very important!)


Alison - Love your quirky sense of humour,results are great.Lambkin and the mug are both qute.OXOX M

Joanne Thieme Huffman - The sheep and mug are really cute. I think the fern turned out great (I keep thinking the images could be cut in half and turned into funky turkeys for Thanksgiving).

Chris - Woah!

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Mind The Gap – London UK

blog_16-nov_2014The Arctic Chill has hit Charlotte these past few days, making it less than lovely to be out and about… waking up to 25F and not much warmer than 46F during the day…albeit with bright sunny skies.

I’d been hoping for some shadows and stormy skies so that I could go back to photograph the Renaissance Faire again and have some better luck with Portraits of the Fair people, but that was not to be…

Instead we contented ourselves with some shopping, including the procurement of a “Doggy Bed” which all three cats seem to have taken to like a duck to water….. phew!  All three remaining (rescued) kitties are now between the ages of 12 – 18 and are finding the “jump” up to the bed a bit tricky…..

The day was capped off by attending the Light Factory’s Annual Benefit and Auction with some stellar artwork on show.  Lots of great company, fine wine and fun with the bidding!

A mad dash when I got home to fulfill the last image of my 5 day Black and White Challenge….. ergo “Mind The Gap”….

Tomorrow I shall post a composite of the 5 days for those of you who do not indulge in Facebook yadayada!


Alison - Thank you. Great picture.Good luck with your quest. OXOX M

Joanne Thieme Huffman - I have been enjoying your black and white photos. I have not been enjoying the cold and snow from the polar vortex.

Chris - Awesome shot
We have a cat now. And it’s indoors most of the time!
Never thought possible

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Fractal Flings

Mucking around with Ultra Fractal today with the aim of creating some brushes that I could use on a Digital Painting I was creating.  The fractal work itself seemed pretty enough to post….. and so I have …

blog_12_nov_2014I then created some custom Photoshop Brushes from the above bits of “stuff” which I then used to paint the Model’s dress…..

blog_12b_nov_2014Nothing like leveraging all the tools at your disposal!! .. although no Corel this time, just Photoshop!

How’s that for a bunch of colour in one night!!
Model Credit – Liz Peavy
MUA – Kae Ingram
Marie Otero Photography

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Simply amazingly beautiful.

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A Little Fall Delight – Lake Norman, NC

blog_09_nov_2014Out and about today enjoying the Autumn light during a bit of a hike around Lake Norman State Park.  Of course had left the tripod at home, just when you need it… but that’s pretty normal, so had to make to with the odd tree trunk and bridge rail to balance the camera for a few longer exposures.  A lot of the trees have lost their leaves all together thanks to quite a few windy days recently, but in certain spots there’s still some good color to be had, especially lower down in the Piedmont.

Alison - Love the colour. OXOX M

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Beautiful fall colors. It’s way past it’s peak here now, lots of bare trees and piles of leaves on the ground.

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