Creating Composites

blog_24_nov_2014The quick and easy edits of straight shots are never too difficult to arrive at …. but finding that Zen place where you create digital composites often takes a bit of mulling over …. to find the right pieces to stitch together, wrap your head around images that have been shot, cull through them and then find the ones that you want to marry together…

It takes time… and these days I ONLY composite with images shot out of my own camera – and no commercial stock….

So, shooting with the lovely Susan Bodnar, combined with images shot in Ireland …… and you have a little Ballerina Fantasy Dance…

I’m not a 110% happy with this image yet, I think there’s tweaking to be done, but the bones are there…


Alison - Why tweak when it’s perfect. OXOX M

robin aka gotham girl - Oh it is so perfect. I dream about making art like this…have been saving images that I want to one day work with like this…one day!!! Thanks for the reminder about Adorama printing…heading back to Myanmar and want to take some photos as gifts!

joanne thieme huffman - Love the texture, color and composition – all fit together beautifully.

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Printing a Body of Work with Adorama Pix

Surprising as it may seem, I seldom print my work these days, as it seems to be all about the “web” and FB and online presentation…

However following some connections that I made last weekend at the Light Factory, I have been invited to make a presentation to one of their Photography Groups next week and I thought it would be a good idea to take along some tangible, tactile material for them to share.

Although I have my “Big Bertha” wide format printer here at home I thought it might be interesting to explore some professional printing opportunities…. to that end I uploaded some files, a scant few days ago, to AdoramaPix and have been blown away by the results.  Absolutely……. superly amazingly good!

They’ve currently got a $6 deal for 16×20″ prints, so I uploaded 7 prints as a bit of a test and OMG… how happy am I!  I reproduced my Fractal images on Metallic Paper and my Peazy Fairy, which all turned out really well.  I did a bunch more on the Lustre paper and am equally happy with those.. (and no, I am not an affiliate nor do I get any promo from my good vibes!…. I am just a happy customer!)

So now I have a “few” more, like 14 or so, on the way, all big 16″x20″ which if nothing else will make the empty stairwell walls pretty!

blog_22_nov_2014-RecoveredIt’s also been an interesting exercise to curate the folders of work that I have, some of which has not been seen before…. and deciding what I would print….

Models, Iceland Landscapes, Creative Work, Venice….

I’d forgotten how good it feels to hold a print in your hand and just savour that oddly intimate and tactile experience…..

blog_22b_nov_2014-Recovered… and I haven’t even got started on on my bare naked ladies yet!!


Joanne Thieme Huffman - What a delightful array of photos! I recently had two of my photos from Tanzania printed out in large size locally (pretty expensive). I may give AdoramaPix a try.

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Some Light and Magic with the Trans Siberian Orchestra

blog_21_nov_2014Oh I so wished I had taken my “proper” camera tonight to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra….leery of past performances at these big events where the “handlers” get snarky with folks with “professional cameras”, I decided to just make do with the Nikon Happy Snappy, which I NEVER use… ergo the moderately out of focus mish mash….

Regardless, the concert was AMAZING… ticked off another item on the Bucket List and although the “Christmas Attic” part of the performance was a tad to quiet for my taste, the second half of the show really floated my boat…. Loud, hard, bright and totally amazing….The lighting effects were just out of this world….

I had no idea how to focus the Happy Snappy in the light conditions – or even which darned button to press to make it work… so forgive the somewhat blurry pix and for sure I need to hone my onsite video skills…..

You’ll get the gist of though, I am sure….


alison - Fantastic.Glad you were not snowed in.OXOX M

joanne thieme huffman - How cool that they let you take pictures and record it.

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