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The Lightness of Being

I woke  up this morning to a balmy 65F, the sun streaming through the kitchen window and as I made my first “cuppa” for the day, all I could see was the light shinning on my lovely Trader Joe’s Gerberas.  They’ve long been a favoured flower of mine.  I carried a bunch when I was […]

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Changing Faces

Model Sheridan Wilcox Hard to believe that I turn a whopping big 53 today!  In my mind I am still 28, in my adventures I am still 30 something, in life experiences I think I feel 40+ but with my camera I feel like a teenager, just starting to figure it all out!!! Moving back […]

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Carpark-ing thoughts

Not your usual subject material I’ll agree, but none the less  fodder for some good Black and White fun!  (Original image below, snapped from the Holiday Inn Carpark in Charlotte.) Carparking aside, I have storage on my mind.  Trying to figure out how to store, backup and add redundancy to over 3TB of images and […]

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