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Full Moon Maiden

The other night we happened upon clear skies (unusual  at the moment), the moon was full and ripe for “shooting”….. This was a hand held shot using my 70-300mm lens and I am totally amazed at the detail that I arrived with in the Moon’s surface.  Really makes you wonder what’s up there – even […]

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Blue Mountain Majesty

Getting up horribly early the other morning did net some benefits, in that the light was lovely and lent itself for snapping some pretty landscape images to work with.  If I’d not been hell bent on getting to the race, I could have easily spent an hour or two just stopping every 5 mintues to […]

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  Slipping back into the comfort zone of editing and creating images the way you want to, without any consideration for comp specs …. making something cos you can, and because it floats your boat!

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