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New Painting in Photoshop

(Original Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons) The lovely landscape of Languedoc ……   I’m working on some snazzy new Photoshop Painting techniques that I will be sharing during my upcoming Workshop in France in June where I will be teaming up with Karen Burns, to Photograph, Photoshop and Digitally Paint the wonderfully picturesque South of France.  […]

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Postcards From Switzerland

Well, old and new place visited hereabouts, including a trip back down memory lane to Sierre and Crans Montana.  Many changes have been wrought since I lived here – not surprisingly I guess, but my memories of vast mountain meadows and quaint mountain top cafes have been overtaken by progress and population.  Fortunately the mountains […]

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More Mountains and Blue from Slovenia

I’m hanging out at the airport in Ljubljana getting ready to head back to Frankfurt now that my landscape adventures in Slovenia have come to a close.  I’ve amassed a nice collection of mountains, mist and lake images to add to my portfolio and have thoroughly enjoyed the past few days, well apart from the […]

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