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Model Sons

#1 and #2 Sons are firmly ensconced in the house right now… enjoying their Aussie Summer University break…. Tonight I dragged them along to our Studio 51 Christmas Party where both of them, by hook or by crook, ended up modeling for us…. GAP and Armani eat your hearts out…. Love you both… you make […]

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A Little Spring Fling

One of the things that I love most about being in New York City is that it’s a 360 degree experience – especially with a camera.  There are not only people, buildings, art and architecture to photograph, but there is the street, the sidewalk, the bill boards, the grunge, the texture…. just eye candy everywhere.  […]

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Merry Christmas

Just a handy dandy iPhone photo of the sunset across the Lake tonight.  A perfect end to a lovely Christmas Day shared with Loved Ones.  I hope you too enjoyed a similar day, wherever you may be.

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