The Unwitting Power of Social Media

blog_4-Jan-2015DH has this weird and wonderful penchant for “Googling” my web presence…. not something that I do often, but tonight as we waited for Beers and Dinner to arrive, smart phone in hand, off he went…
Turns out that this photo painting of Venice, by hook or by crook, via Tumblr, Twitter, Instawhatevertheheckyoulike… has been reblogged over 4,200 times on the internet! 4,200! OMG!

There’s also another of my Iceland pix that has been reblogged over 2,000 times!

I’m not sure whether to be happy or sad?… I guess it’s good as people like the images, and I love that…. but honestly it appears that you have NO control over images once they are  posted on the internet…. they are OUT THERE….for better or for worse!

All I can say is thank goodness it’s a nice image and folk like it …..

Joanne Thieme Huffman - I wonder what people do with the images they “hit” on – do they just look at them? forward them? print them out?

Vicki in Michigan - Watermarking is clearly a really really good idea…………..

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