Printing a Body of Work with Adorama Pix

Surprising as it may seem, I seldom print my work these days, as it seems to be all about the “web” and FB and online presentation…

However following some connections that I made last weekend at the Light Factory, I have been invited to make a presentation to one of their Photography Groups next week and I thought it would be a good idea to take along some tangible, tactile material for them to share.

Although I have my “Big Bertha” wide format printer here at home I thought it might be interesting to explore some professional printing opportunities…. to that end I uploaded some files, a scant few days ago, to AdoramaPix and have been blown away by the results.  Absolutely……. superly amazingly good!

They’ve currently got a $6 deal for 16×20″ prints, so I uploaded 7 prints as a bit of a test and OMG… how happy am I!  I reproduced my Fractal images on Metallic Paper and my Peazy Fairy, which all turned out really well.  I did a bunch more on the Lustre paper and am equally happy with those.. (and no, I am not an affiliate nor do I get any promo from my good vibes!…. I am just a happy customer!)

So now I have a “few” more, like 14 or so, on the way, all big 16″x20″ which if nothing else will make the empty stairwell walls pretty!

blog_22_nov_2014-RecoveredIt’s also been an interesting exercise to curate the folders of work that I have, some of which has not been seen before…. and deciding what I would print….

Models, Iceland Landscapes, Creative Work, Venice….

I’d forgotten how good it feels to hold a print in your hand and just savour that oddly intimate and tactile experience…..

blog_22b_nov_2014-Recovered… and I haven’t even got started on on my bare naked ladies yet!!


Joanne Thieme Huffman - What a delightful array of photos! I recently had two of my photos from Tanzania printed out in large size locally (pretty expensive). I may give AdoramaPix a try.

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