New Moon Over Monzelfeld

blog_11_jun_2014It’s lovely to be back in Monzelfeld, Germany, with my Mother and Wolfe….  a different time of year than I usually visit.  The fields and trees are splendid green, mixed with the mauve, yellow and blue hues of early Summer flowers…. lupins, buttercups, tiny daisies and wild artichokes…..

Their ‘hound’, a Japanese Spitz, is always fond of my visits as it means long meanders up through the farm lands and little lanes to work off dinner and enjoy the cooler night air….usually I take my camera but tonight I forgot and had to rely on my iPhone to capture this image of the new moon rising over the hill.  I think the moon is  “FULL” so tomorrow night I will definitely have camera in hand…though the sunset and “blue” hour is late here, nearly 10pm.  It feels odd to be walking at that time of day…. but what the heck…

joanne thieme huffman - I love living in the 21st century and being able to take photos with my phone.

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