Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Little Spring Fling

One of the things that I love most about being in New York City is that it’s a 360 degree experience – especially with a camera.  There are not only people, buildings, art and architecture to photograph, but there is the street, the sidewalk, the bill boards, the grunge, the texture…. just eye candy everywhere.  […]

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Soft and Elegant

A first for me this time in NYC, getting my big girl pants on, renting a studio and hiring a model to shoot all by  myself!!!  It was a super fun and a very enlightening experience.  I have photographed Viktoria before but always in the middle of a group of photogs, so this was quite […]

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Fine Art Frolics in NYC (**** Not PG!!)

This past weekend in NYC certainly made the inner creative do a major happy dance.  The Blue Girl above was shot with mirrors, a SOOC shot, no cutting and pasting.  The model then happily posed for paint splashing and loads of drippy=ness…… Featured above is “Miguel” – a dancer extraordinaire, who was more than happy […]

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