From Clay to Color – Black, Red and Blue

blog_19_may_2014Well it was a short-lived trip from folk clothed to those with not,  and there is still some edit finessing to be done  for the snaps posted here …. regardless today’s adventures into body painting and how to do it with my Meetup Group was lots of fun.  Probably less instruction and more inspiration than anything, but the models were stellar and despite a fairly drawn out proceeding I have a number of pictures that I know I can work with down the line.

I am also gaining experience in studio lighting, ‘what NOT to do” and what I do want to do, which, in a community environment is often hard to achieve.  Had I had my druthers, I would not have photographed the Porcupine model on a mixed grey “mall portrait” background, which for lots of reasons does not work, but there is nothing like trial and error and also the beauty and luxury of having the ability to replicate a shot scenario in your own home!  And there are already re-edits that I would do, with a fresher mind and perhaps some sleep!

I do have to admire my Blogger friends who continue to follow me through my photographic journey.   I appreciate that I have strayed long and large from my Mixed Media blog of old.  Not much painting or sewing to  be seen these days….and I thank you that you keep on keeping on.  At 50+ I never tire of new challenges and the current thrall of the camera is a force to be reckoned with for sure…


joanne thieme huffman - Such an incredible array. Do the models come with make up and accessiries or do you tell them what to do?

gotham girl - Amazing!

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