Getting your “Cher” On….


Well I managed to snap a couple of pix at the Cher concert in Charlotte tonight before being hassled by the security people for having a “PRO” camera and lens.  To be honest I can’t see the difference between gazillions of people video’ing the whole concert with their darned iPhones and me snapping a few pix, long lens or not.

I have to say it was an awesome concert.  Cher clearly does not “gad” about as much as in bygone days but at a self proclaimed 67 years of age, who can blame her.   A few less songs, much less bump and grind and a lot more Vegas style entertainment with her supporting cast, but all in all a stellar event.

Tomorrow I am playing catch-up.  Four days in New York were blissful beyond belief.  It felt like going ‘home’!!!!  I met friends for dinner, did some one on one shooting with my favourite model Viktoria and then a two day workshop with Lindsay Adler which was superb!  Would that every teacher took a leaf from her book…… and into the bargain I made lots of new contacts and a few new friends.

If I have time tomorrow I will edit some of my super model pix….and hopefully share a few.

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Well, the photos you did get to take are great.

Bren - Great snaps! The fact Cher can handle wearing those heels still put me in awe 🙂
Love the nudes you’ve done as well, beautiful

You are one busy lady!

Chris - We loved Cher so much when we saw her at The Staples Center, we went again in Vegas! It was expensive, but amazing!

Love love love these shots. I’m going to share them with Cathie.

The arrogance of security rules always amazes me. Not only does this show that they are too dumb to realize what those little iphones can accomplish, they are also too dumb to know you are making it BETTER for them by capturing every line and every detail with your PRO camera!

Of course, I’d try selling a licensed experience, but that’s just me. They frisk me at every concert.

Of course, I like that.

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