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Art and Grunge in Atlanta

DH and I skipped off to Atlanta yesterday for a quick getaway to attend a Jazz reception at the High Museum of Art  and spent several hours meandering around the exhibitions whilst enjoying the lovely strains of a Jazz Quintet.  We chased that up with a tasty meal at the Spice Market, which although was […]

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Trinity College – Dublin

From naked ballerinas and back to buildings……  This is an image shot at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  A pretty spiffy edifice by all accounts! Trusting you all enjoy a wonderful Easter Holiday weekend.  Plans chez Casa Otero have been  somewhat thwarted by the weather… a trip to the beach to scope out wild horses […]

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A Lady in Waiting….

Sadly I have discovered no good Cloud backup solutions and so to preserve some degree of redundancy I’ve added another 4TB hard drive to the Back Up programme.  There are other backups of the BACKUPs but this whole data management thing is proving to be quite a headache.  There are no really good solutions for […]

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