Just Another (Irish) Castle…

blog_21_april_2014Just in case you felt safe and secure and did not need to see another Irish Castle, up pops version #2 of Dunguaire Castle.  (Version #1 posted 21 March).  And for those of you who know me well, you will know that I have a penchant for “post processing and editing”….. if you can figure out “what” I have done here….. then I’ll send you a free 8×10 print! … of this image or any one of your choice posted on the Blog.  The challenge is not only for those of you who went to Ireland to, but to anyone at all.
HINT: look at the March 21 post.  First two correct answers win!

Rob Storey - Could this be a sample of Corel digital painting???

lostaussie - LOL No….this is pretty much out of the camera!

Cindy Trobaugh - The water is in a different location. But either picture is lovely.

Alison - The sky is darker and the image of the castle is larger
Both lovely and very enticing. OXOX M

Alison - You turned the castle around and added trees OXOX M

Chris - I bet I’m too late!!! I’m always too late!!!

I’ll go examine, anyway.

Chris - Well, you turned it 45 degrees or so and…

Chris - okay, you flipped it, and you changed the weather and the trees have been moved and you’ve pulled in. And you put a $1,000. bill on one of the rocks with another rock on it to hold it down.

Joanne Thieme Huffman - How cool to be able to rearrange the world!

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