Flower Party – Daniel Stow Botanical Gardens.

blog_03_mar_2014The day was glorious!  70+F and sunshine out the wazoo!  A little local road trip to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens netted some super tasty snappets of Spring!  Jonquils and Crocus in the gardens and myriad orchids in the hothouse.


The top shot of the day was an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image of the fabulous stained glass skylight that graces the main pavillion at the Gardens.  Three exposures shot at +3, O, -3 with my Fish Eye lens and combined in camera.  Aside from bumping the Clarity in ACR this was pretty well the out of camera shot.

Super happy camper ….. loving sunny days and time out with my camera..     …Tomorrow is snow storms and 28F???? What the heck?

Listening to Pharrell Williams Happy.

Yeah on sun shinny days I feel like a room without a roof!

…… and Happiness is the Truth!

AND …. if I needed another reason to Happy Dance, it would be that my Workshop with Karen Burns in France in June is SOLD OUT with a wait list….. Yipeee!!!!!

Alison - Thrilled with the news about your workshop tour in s-f.The flower pictures are wonderful and would be my sort of day out.OXOX M


I hope you are looking forward to your wonderful trip and the whole adventure!

These photos of flowers are amazing. My favorite is that purple one near the top.


Joanne Thieme Huffman - After I got over my flower envy, I could enjoy these beautiful photos (we’re looking forward to temperatures getting up to 28 on Thursday). Congratulations on having your class fill up – I bet it will be fabulous.

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