Abstracting Reality

blog_07a_feb_2013I’ve been tinkering with creating fractal images again.  It’s been a while since I fussed with them as they are always a bit unpredictable and somewhat of a mind bending exercise – (Physics being my least favourite subject of all time!!).  This time though I have had a go at compositing them with some of my photographs and seeing what I could cook up.

The top image is a fractal combined with one of my BW Architectural images shot here in Charlotte.

blog_07b_feb_2013And this one was created using an image of the snowy white sand dunes photographed at Lancelin, north of Perth (Australia).

blog_07c_feb_2013These being the “before” images – both BW.

And FYI, there are NO textures added to these images.  Just a bunch of adjustment layers for contrast, curves, tone, hue and saturation and in the case of the Sand Dunes and monster dose of sharpening!  Which is a fun creative tool in and of itself!  And of course the fractal layer which is what brings the fabulous color, shapes and lines.


Alison - Amazing. OXOX M

Bren - amazing visuals! Can hardly believe what you were able to do, seeing the before and after images, stunning!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - fascinating

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