Monthly Archives: January 2014

Meetup Magic

I belong to a great Meetup group here in Charlotte and about once a month they host a “Turn Up and Play” kind of event where anything goes…… Tonight I played with a Roller Derby Model as well as a little Still Life Art …….   Rather from one extreme to another, but hey, that’s […]

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Far and Away On My Mind

Hard to believe that it’s almost 2 years since I visited Venice for Carnivale!  And I am still trolling through the images I captured there and finding hidden gems. There’s something about the European spice for life, landscape and culture that is entrancing, be it Carnivale, or long winding cobbled streets, farmers markets, or afternoons […]

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Gold, Silver and a touch of Blue

I’m slowly digging my way out of boxes an setting the new house to straights.  After having done this already in the last 12 months, the second go around is less than appealing – the saving grace being we are moving into our OWN home! There was some bright light in the new mailbox though, […]

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