Less Than Black and White



We cruised Charlotte Uptown tonight.  A final scope out of the “light” before my workshop next weekend.  The City was all agog with Halloween Pub crawlers who all seemed to have shopped for the same Comicon Theme!  Lots of Super Heroes, Smurfs and large men in Green Suits!  Gotta love an Irish Pub that makes the Bouncers dress the part!



And even less Black and White with a visit to the Green which always netts some interesting images to work with and a little photoshoppery never hurts ….. right?  A combo of a footpath sculpture and the odd high rise nearby (with a dab of text and texture).

…. Thinking treasure hunt and challenge for the workshop crowd …. and a little twinkle in my eye, growing at the thought …… what think you?

Alison - All sounds very interesting,I know the participants at your workshop will have a ball,and enjoy every moment.You are a fantastic teacher. OXOX

gotham girl - I think this is all way cool!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - I bet your class will be fantastic. I really love the sun image.

Chris - Every time I come here you have either: left for somewhere else, ARE somewhere else, or just returned from somewhere else! Woman, you are a whirlwind! Your electrolytes are going to need replacing soon!!

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