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Slovenian Color

Probably the last time I will bore you with images from Slovenia but these two images rank among the favourites that I shot whilst I was there and bear a little sharing (I hope). The one of the Castle snapped seconds before dark hit, tripod, long exposure to catch the light and I was ankle […]

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Less Than Black and White

  We cruised Charlotte Uptown tonight.  A final scope out of the “light” before my workshop next weekend.  The City was all agog with Halloween Pub crawlers who all seemed to have shopped for the same Comicon Theme!  Lots of Super Heroes, Smurfs and large men in Green Suits!  Gotta love an Irish Pub that […]

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Leaps of Faith

Royally sidetracked today from working on preparations for my Black and White Workshop in November – upgrading to OSX Maverick and then taking care of all the attendant nonsense that that sort of thing seems to engender.  For whatever reason each time I do an OS upgrade one of my email addresses seems to trash […]

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