Sunday Snaps and Stuff

Busy, busy in the ‘burbs today.  Four hours spent house hunting for the new “Casa Otero”.
DH and I have decided that Lake Norman WILL be our next (US) home and it’s time to start thinking about trading our rental for something more permanent, considering that the exchange process takes 2-3 months to effect.  So searching for Lakefront with decent views AND the right space for a studio.  Not your average tick box parameters, so we forge on …..

The afternoon was less of a headache, sort of.  A Fine Art Model shoot with one of my Meetup groups.  Loads of frustration with less than self aware folk hogging the “hot spots” to shoot, so patience was the name of the game indeed.



I still garnered some great images that I am very happy with and have determined to get the two lovely girls I worked with today to do something a little less crowded in the not too distant future.

Bren - I can see it would be tricky with a group photo shoot, I see how long it can take my sisters to frame and capture that moment they are looking for! Patience did pay off, what visual feasts you created!
All the best in finding your home/studio on the Lake 🙂

jean hutter - Great images – good luck with the house hunt – you must have the worlds record for moving!!!!

gotham girl - So so love these! Good luck with your house hunting…and can’t wait to see what you find! Now I’m back to viewing/reading more of your posts that I missed while in the wilds of Vermont!!!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Having spent the past two days taking pictures in Rome, I truly understand the other photographers not sharing the good angles/hot spots frustrations. These two shots are beautiful, despite your frustrations. Good luck on the house hunting.

Chris - That bottom one looks all…spooky for the season…

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