Full Moon Maiden

The other night we happened upon clear skies (unusual  at the moment), the moon was full and ripe for “shooting”…..

This was a hand held shot using my 70-300mm lens and I am totally amazed at the detail that I arrived with in the Moon’s surface.  Really makes you wonder what’s up there – even if scientifically, you know it’s not much!  Looks pretty anyway!

And so I used this shot as the basis for a creative piece.  Model, mountains, grassy fields and a judicious amount of the liquefy and warp tools to get her dress right.  Add some textures, soak, layer mask and bake over one glass of wine…. and you have it…

Joanne Thieme Huffman - I love the feel of fantasy in this.

Robin aka Gotham Girl - Oh my…this is soooooo awesome!

Jean Hutter - I love this image Marie. That is an amazing moon shot but what you did with it I am in awe.

Chris - This is an amazing work of art. I don’t know how you do it all. But that’s part of its mystery.

Alison - Love this,she can hang on my wall any day. A

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