Blue Mountain Majesty

Getting up horribly early the other morning did net some benefits, in that the light was lovely and lent itself for snapping some pretty landscape images to work with.  If I’d not been hell bent on getting to the race, I could have easily spent an hour or two just stopping every 5 mintues to take pictures of the wonderful scenery the Blue Mountains has to offer.

    Here is the SOOC image which was twiddled and tweaked in Photoshop to contrive a Watercolor effect and then cropped to achieve a landscape Pano.

The prep work for the final piece included multiple Curves adjustment layers to bring out the various tonal ranges in the mountainous parts of the image before adding the color and painterly effects.

mary bailey - Soooo love this one, Marie!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Your “painterly effects” are absolutely beautiful.

Vicki in Michigan - One of my daughter’s friends does this sort of thing.

You’ve made it more understandable why someone might want to do this, I think, and your pics are excellent.

Nice photo essay. I bet you could sell this to a magazine……


Vicki in Michigan - Oops! My comment above was meant for the race, not the mountains. Sorry!

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