Monthly Archives: July 2013

Old Charleston

  Lots of lovely decaying eye candy to be seen in Charleston.  It was amazing how one minute you could be cruising down streets with million dollar houses, pristine facades and gardens manicured to the max –  and in the next breath be amidst block upon blocks of overgrown architectural squalor.

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Another Weekend in Charleston, SC

  The weather forecast loomed gloomy for the lake so we headed back to Charleston this weekend.  A little more culture, architechture and beach!  I even took my trusty tripod and giving the Ghosts a nip, snapped a few night time images while the streets were quiet.   And then the beach, lets not forget […]

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Tired But Here

I’ve kind of lost count of the hours.  Deciding to eschew my Typepad blog and venture off into the unkown space of WordPress has proven to be quite the challenge.  After downloading multiple and OH so lovely templates that were filled with HTML customizatons out the Wazoo I have finally sought refuge at Pro Photo. […]

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