A Little Renaissance Faire….

blog_20_oct_2014Super sun-shinny day, one of those wonderful Autumn days that we are blessed with here in the Carlolinas.  Sadly not so great for photography as they make for too bright highlights and lots of shadows…. however a few good pix snapped at the day out at the Carolina Renaissance Faire… even if the photos are a bit hit and miss, the beer is really good and it’s fun to just be out and about!  Not so many fairies this year, perhaps just not the right day for them but I did catch up with my lovely model Susan Bodnar who works the festival as a Regal being, along with her Greyhound dogs…

joanne thieme huffman - What a fun looking event.

Sharmon Davidson - I enjoyed your Ren Fair photos; it’s been a long time since I went to one!

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Huff Puff and Fly Away…. Carolina Balloon Fest

blog_19_oct_2014Up at the crack of dawn to head to Statesville where the Carolina Balloon Festival was going on this weekend.
Not one for early mornings as most of you know, but needs must and the camera drives… and always well worth the effort!
Some super pix had today!

Robin aka Gotham Girl - Photography is the best motivator! Love the colors!

joanne thieme huffman - Such vibrant colors!

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Lovely Black and White

blog_17_octb_2014Sometimes you don’t need to improve on the out of camera shot…..

I could photograph this lovely lady all day long, any day of the week….

The lovely Viktoria….

Sharmon Davidson - Lovely, sensitive work…

Robin aka Gotham Girl - Fantastic!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - How lovely! It’s so cool to have your own model/muse.

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A little English – “countryside”!

blog_16_oct_2014The first day for ages that I have not had to “think” about much – pack a suitcase, travel hither or thither, write a teaching proposal or be “en-pointe” to teach…..

I’ve trolled through images from Morocco, Venice, Iceland and various model shoots…. and finally settled upon this pastoral scene to play with -  shot at Lacock Abbey whilst sharing a pleasant afternoon with my Aunt, before heading to Luton Airport to get to Iceland.  Very Constable’ish in my mind and I hope the painterly rendering does that notion some justice…..

(Painted solely in Photoshop, for those of you who are interested!)

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Lovely!

Cam Miller - Lone trees are one of my favorite subjects. This is beautiful. My next project will be painted in Photoshop, to practice those techniques. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

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Painting Magic Workshop – Charlotte NC

blog_14_octb_2014Karen Burns and I have just finished teaching a three day workshop in my Studio here in NC.  We hosted eleven students and worked on creating digitally painted images using both Corel Painter and Photoshop.  We had a great bunch of students who as well as soaking up the learning and project material, managed to create some amazing painterly work.

We are both exhausted and JAZZED, as are, I think are our Students.  They arrived from far flung destinations including Maryland, Virginia, Seattle, Dallas, Ohio and I’m sure I am missing some….

Our thanks go out to a very great bunch of attentive learners and prolific painters……

The image above was one of my final sample demos in how to use both Corel and Photoshop to create a painterly image……in about as much time as it takes to drink a glass of wine….. (in joke, sorry!)………

Thanks to you all… and see some of you for our next workshop in Pacific Grove, CA in February – which is almost sold out!

joanne thieme huffman - I really wish I could have done this. I love this and the work of your students that you posted on FaceBook.

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