Abstracting It Out

blog_24_april_2014Playing with nudes and smoke and then text, textures and filters – kind of odd, but I rather like this effect and can perhaps see a series….
(You can see the un PG version here).

The evening’s work was punctuated by some horrendous squealing sounds from the backyard only to find my 16yr old black Annie cat facing off against a FOX!!! if you don’t mind!!
I’ve seen the fox once before since we moved in and was a tad concerned then….. not sure how I feel about letting the cats out after dark now, though they will be mightily ticked off if they can’t go out hunting too…… not sure what to do, but a Fox visiting within 6 feet of my backdoor is not a happy thing at all!!!!  And I don’t fancy any of my mature aged fur babies becoming a supper snack for Foxyloxy!  Not good, not good at all!  I’m a fair and reasonable conservationist but anything that wants to chew my kitties is quite another story!!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Looks like a magical wisp of air. Hope the fox stays away from the kitties.

Bren - Love this, wonderfully alluring

I’d keep the cats in at night, or they will become snack food, a lot have gone missing in our neighbourhood when a family of foxes moved in

Jean Hutter - WOW that is very cool – looks almost ghost-like. Yea I would also be afraid of the cat getting bit and rabies.

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A Global Composite

blog_23_april_2014A new bit of digital play!  Using a model image of the lovely Leah combined with some sand dunes in Lancelin (Western Australia), sky and water by way of Long Island NY, and the obvious Irish Castle!  It’s rather rev #1.  A few things to tweak but I’m too tired to fiddle further.

And tarrah…… drum roll, Cindy T and Chris are the lucky winners of the “guess what I did”  challenge… basically I moved the castle about 120 degrees to the left and popped it on some more interesting water and landscape.  Re-did the landscape on the horizon, including the trees, and re-lit it all so that it matched the light at the time.

So…. you two ladies can email me and send in your request for an image of your choice to be printed up and sent to you.  Alison, you are a winner too but a tad too close to home and you know me too well!!

Thanks for playing!!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - A little bit of magic.

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Just Another (Irish) Castle…

blog_21_april_2014Just in case you felt safe and secure and did not need to see another Irish Castle, up pops version #2 of Dunguaire Castle.  (Version #1 posted 21 March).  And for those of you who know me well, you will know that I have a penchant for “post processing and editing”….. if you can figure out “what” I have done here….. then I’ll send you a free 8×10 print! … of this image or any one of your choice posted on the Blog.  The challenge is not only for those of you who went to Ireland to, but to anyone at all.
HINT: look at the March 21 post.  First two correct answers win!

Rob Storey - Could this be a sample of Corel digital painting???

lostaussie - LOL No….this is pretty much out of the camera!

Cindy Trobaugh - The water is in a different location. But either picture is lovely.

Alison - The sky is darker and the image of the castle is larger
Both lovely and very enticing. OXOX M

Alison - You turned the castle around and added trees OXOX M

Chris - I bet I’m too late!!! I’m always too late!!!

I’ll go examine, anyway.

Chris - Well, you turned it 45 degrees or so and…

Chris - okay, you flipped it, and you changed the weather and the trees have been moved and you’ve pulled in. And you put a $1,000. bill on one of the rocks with another rock on it to hold it down.

Joanne Thieme Huffman - How cool to be able to rearrange the world!

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Art and Grunge in Atlanta

DH and I skipped off to Atlanta yesterday for a quick getaway to attend a Jazz reception at the High Museum of Art  and spent several hours meandering around the exhibitions whilst enjoying the lovely strains of a Jazz Quintet.  We chased that up with a tasty meal at the Spice Market, which although was good, was not a patch on the NYC version of the same….

Since in the vicinity we decided to scope out Old Car City  this morning – which did not disappoint…  We snagged a window in the rain, enough light to make for some decent picture taking and were thoroughly amazed at the cornucopia of fabulous rusty metal that lay before us…..


From Fords to Pontiacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles and even the odd old MGB and Triumph…..

The colors, textures, paint and degradation were just super fodder for the camera.

The best $25 I have spent in a longtime and it was especially delightful to connect with other photographers who were out and about at the same spot, all kind and chatty and willing to share tips and info. Definitely a very smiley (awesome grungy) place to visit!!!!


blog_20_april_b_2014And if nothing else, I came away with a huge folder of super cool textures to play with…….nevermind some super awesome weird car shots – definitely a spot to haul out the Fish Eye or super wide angle with some great resutls!!!

Alison - You would have been in your element. I know your panache for old cars. Baillingup WA OXOX M

gotham girl - These are fabulous!

joanne thieme huffman - I love the rust and decay!

Chris - Marie, the fine art quality of your photographs puts me right in the dirt. I love these! The substance and weight of these decaying beasts is palpable. The texture is yum, the colors entice, and all in all these would make a wonderful wall installation.

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Trinity College – Dublin

blog_18_april_2014From naked ballerinas and back to buildings……  This is an image shot at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  A pretty spiffy edifice by all accounts!

Trusting you all enjoy a wonderful Easter Holiday weekend.  Plans chez Casa Otero have been  somewhat thwarted by the weather… a trip to the beach to scope out wild horses NOT so appealing in the pouring rain.  Instead, heading for Atlanta to take in a little art and Jazz as the rain moves Eastwards.

So here’s hoping that your Bunnies hop and bounce where required and that Chocolate features prominently somewhere….. in your Easter Weekend!

joanne thieme huffman - Very imposing image. Wishing you lots of chocolate and jellybeans this week-end.

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