Abandoned NC in Black and White

A couple of times a year I venture to a favorite spot to shoot a bit of Carolina Abandonment and grunge…. and am always rewarded by the ever changing vista and incremental decay – and in some cases – destruction.


As I tiptoe around rotten staircases and over garbage left by ‘ravers’ – I can’t help but wonder of the stories these rooms and walls might tell….


And am also appalled at the wanton destruction of old and once beautiful things….

joanne thieme huffman - Very dramatic images.

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Tanzania Love

I have just returned from a once in a lifetime adventure with my Camera to Tanzania.  To say the experience was special would be an understatement.  From the  snippets of life through the safari truck window, to visits with the Hadzabe Bushmen, Massai, magnificent landscapes and not least of all the wonderful creatures that populate the magical wilderness…. I’ll share a few of the images I have managed to edit today ….. there are so many wonderful images to sort through, it’s almost been impossible to know where to start!!
Though I think my fave would have to be the baby Giraffe who gave us a mighty display of his fabulous frolics that morning!


kate - The young man with the fur.. The waterhole…the boy and the goats…o,, and the giraffes and baboons… Tanzania…
Such stunning imagery…your story is shared.
I worked on a project with Rick Collins on a remote Pacific Island…he’s good fun!

joanne thieme huffman - Going to Tanzania is one of the best things I ever did. Your photos are incredibly beautiful and bring back wonderful memories of being on safari two years ago.

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Topaz Texture Effects

Recently I have been testing out the newest product in the Topaz Labs Family – called TEXTURE EFFECTS… and what an awesome product it is.
Topaz has just now announced the Public release of the Plug-In and I have to say I can highly recommend it!

The program comes with 275+ high-resolution (5000x5000px) image textures already built in and a myriad of ways to maniplate those textures with borders, effects, lighting etc right within your Photoshop interface.

Topaz Texture Effects will be on sale through November 20th. It will retail for $69.99, however you can purchase for only $49.99 ($20 off) until November 20th by using this coupon code: TEXTUREFX.

I played with Texture Effects on one of my latest composites and used the “RETRO STREETS” selection and really love how it turned out!
Model – Rachel West
Marie Otero Photography.



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