Around and About Vik, Iceland

Working our way slowly around the Southern Coast of Iceland.  Hampered by lots of rain and mist and generally not so good conditions for photography which is a shame….

The few sunshinny moments have netted some good shots though and rain has kept the bus loads of “tourists” at bay!

Skógafoss  is one of of the island’s most famous waterfalls and “parked” on a nearby black beach is the remains of a crashed DC-10.


Yesterday we did a little “trespassing” to gain access to this waterfall below – it’s quite off the beaten track and involved a bit of a muddy trek to get to it, but well worth the effort in the end as it’s not a commonly viewed waterfall – and I’d tell you it’s name if I could remember or even pronounce it!  And I have to tell you that the blue water is REALLY blue, it looks like Bombay Sapphire gin… fabulous colors in the water indeed!



JoanieB - What fantastic pictures loving the waterfall – can’t believe you were trespassing !

Terry Rowe - Love the abandoned plane, very dramatic. And that waterfall & the colors is gorgeous – glad you tresspassed!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Love the look of the plane carcass. The waterfalls are amazing. The trespassing was for the benefit of art; so it’s OK.

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Landmannalaugar – Iceland

blog_17_sept_2014Spent the day touring around Landmannalaugar - lava fields and bits of volcano everywhere.  The rocks are spectacular as are the fjords which twist and turn as far as they eye can see.  It all feels very prehistoric and almost lunar-like, or what I imagine that might be….

The Pano image in the middle is actually the rim of an old volcano… though it might wake up at any time… you never know!

Getting to the place was  “interesting” and somewhat hairy at times, driving off road through rivers feet deep and bouncing across miles of road forged through the lava fields and needless to say, unpaven and very very rough.

Almost no wildlife to be seen, the odd bird here and there and of course the wonderfully woolly Icelandic sheep.

Waterfalls tomorrow – and rain apparently…. stay tuned!


Joanne Thieme Huffman - Lovely pictures of incredible landscape.

gotham girl - Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this incredible part of our world. It’s changing so much!

Joan Blease - Glad you are having a wonderful time in Iceland – wish I was there with you. Can’t wait to see your portfolio of stunning landscapes and hear your exciting tales :-)

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Hot and Cold in Iceland

Arrived in Iceland yesterday, with much trepidation as it was POURING with rain and not much to be seen at all.

Thankfully today the skies cleared a bit and off we went…… traipsing all over the place.  Much photographing, lots of climbing and up down and round about…. even had an impromptu tour of a net making factory today which was neat….

So just a few quick edits as I have to be up at 5:30am to head out……


Lynn wright - Fantastic!

Gail Rinard - HI Marie.. so very glad that you got to go.. I’m so jealous and look forward to all your photos and blogs. got to be so exciting for you.. Thanks for sharing your photos.. LOVE them..

Joanne Thieme Huffman - What beautiful photos! I’d love to go to Iceland some day.

Christine Baier - Hi Marie,
enjoy your time in Iceland. We are still in the USA, at the moment coast of Oregon with destination San Francisco, meeting Moritz and Ivana. Greetings also from Andreas

Robin aka Gotham Girl - So lusting after your postings! Iceland is so on my list! More please!!

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Some UK Catch Up

blog_14_sept_2014A busy week away with photo shoots in North London with Tim Pile followed by a few days of tourist’ing and then then a few more visiting Family here in the UK.

I’ve a bird call at 4am to head to the airport and to points northwards in the direction of Iceland where I am looking forward to stretching my landscape wings once more…

I’ll leave you with a view of the Poppies surrounding the Tower in London to commemorate WWI, a night shot of Tower Bridge and a shot of the fabulous art mural at Gloucester Tube Station.

joanne thieme huffman - Beautifully done photos. Watch out for the volcano in Iceland.

Sharmon Davidson - Lovely shots!

Alison - Beautiful OXOX M

gotham girl - Wow! Just WOW!

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Ballerina Love

blog_02_sept_2014I had the good chance to shoot some lovely young ladies this weekend, ballerinas in the making…. some straight shots and then a little DEGAS play.  Thanks to Will O’Shea, Maria O’Shea, Zoe and Caroline.

Alison - very lovely young ladies.painting very impressive.OXOX M

Joanne Thieme Huffman - So graceful and pretty.

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