A Memorable Weekend

DH and I started off the Memorial Weekend with date night at the movies – to see Far from the Madding Crowd… and memorable was the rendition of the Thomas Hardy Novel indeed!

Carolina Spring days beckoned and next day saw us up way in the High Country at Little Switzerland Inn, where a number of pleasant hours were spent dinning on Lobster and drinking some deliciously cool NC beer… and enjoying the vistas from our perch at the restaurant…


Then a tad more action was called for the next day and we headed towards Fayetville in search of some  “hosses”! and were not disappointed with the fare offered by 7 Branch Farm… where they were holding a most excellent Barrel Race event…


And to cap the weekend off… some Fine Art Nude in the Woods seemed like a good idea.. with the lovely Keira…


joanne thieme huffman - A great array of photos. Looks like you had a great week-end.

Alison - Love the little tykes. OXOX M

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Abandoned in NC

DH and I have enjoyed a lovely couple of days meandering around the Blue Ridge Mountains, from Saluda to Asheville across to Boone and Grandfather Mountain.

Wonderful abandoned treasures to be found amidst the sparkling Spring Greens and stormy skies.


nancy donaldson - stunning!! I love country road trips, the mountains are beautiful

joanne thieme huffman - Great photos of beautiful landscape’s victory over decaying buildings!

Alison - Just love the new pic and all the old buildings,Always makes me wonder at the life before.OXOX M

Terry Rowe - beautiful greens!

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Getting Creative


Images shot with the lovely Vik Tory, Gwendolyn and Ryan Hathaway ..respectively…
So much to do, so little time….
I have a bunch of editing to take care of – literally 1000’s of images which draw me in, but I also have to take care of “business” – which means keeping websites, sorting out the “shop” and writing tutorials for workshops and classes….

If only there was more time to “play” ……..

Alison - How beautiful,just stunning. A Mothers day treat OXOX M

Joanne Thieme Huffman - It’s an embarrassment of riches – that’s your burden for being so talented.

Dave French - It is an honor and a privilege to be acquainted with Gwendolyn!

Dave French - I am of course an eternal Gwendolyn fan and am also learning to appreciate the people she works with and very impressed with Maria Otero’s photography,et.al.

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Pretty Women

Sadly the poor blog seems to be a bit neglected lately ….. time flies by working with our fabulous group online students for Digital Paint Works and various other bits of teaching prep – and of course some shooting and then lots of post processing…

So just a quick showcase of some recent images…. shot with Kristy Jessica, Zoe Celeste and Gwendolyn with varying degrees of post-processing, digital painting and creative shenanigans!


nancy donaldson - stunning!! every one of them!

Dave French - These are all very artistic and I love all of Gwendolyn’s works.

joanne thieme huffman - Such elegance and beautiful!

Alison - Perfect OXOX M

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