Another Christmas Freebie – With Topaz Glow

Having a little fun today playing with the new Topaz product – Glow!


And then, you know how it goes, one thing lead to another…..

And the next thing you know, there’s a postage stamp made, a postcard and a bit more “faffing” about…..


You can DOWNLOAD the SNOWMan Postcard HERE for free…. simply PRINT and add your own message.

If you would like to check out TOPAZ GLOW for yourselves… go for it!  They have a SUPER Introductory Discount going on right now –  use the Coupon Code INTROGLOW to get it for $49.99 for a limited period.

Alison - Just the ticket to tickle your fancy OXOX M

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Christmas Printables – A Holiday Freebie!

blog_17-dec-2014A little graphic love to my friends both near and far – a sheet of Holiday Gift Tags for you to print yourselves to adorn your pretty gifts.


Sorry not to much Bloggy News of late but I am in full on Mama Mode, with both boys here from Australia and enjoying every hectic minute of it.

Alison - What a lovely thought. Thank you. OXOX M

Joanne Thieme Huffman - sweet

gotham girl aka Robin - Enjoy every moment with your boys! Happy Holidays!

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Model Sons

#1 and #2 Sons are firmly ensconced in the house right now… enjoying their Aussie Summer University break….

Tonight I dragged them along to our Studio 51 Christmas Party where both of them, by hook or by crook, ended up modeling for us…. GAP and Armani eat your hearts out….

blog_13-dec-2014Love you both… you make me proud! oxooxoxo

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Very handsome models! Enjoy your time together.

Alison - Handsome is as handsome does OXOX

Robin aka gotham girl - They are sooooo handsome! Great genes!

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Abandoned Lonaconing – Day Two

Terry and I greeted the sunrise (and moon set) this morning….. lovely and COLD though it was… quite well below freezing when we stepped out of the door of our hotel…

blog_07a-dec_2014Our aim was to check out a few of the old buildings in Lonaconing before heading to shoot the mill for a few more hours… we were not disappointed.  Plenty of backwater grunge, trembling structures and timeworn paint…

blog_07b-dec_2014Loved this old house… the coat hanger on the outside of the door a bit of a question mark…..and some early morning steam percolating off the top of the copper flashed roof as the sun came up…. lent lots of atmosphere…

Then back to the Mill…. and more time spent discovering it’s myriad treasures…

blog_07c-dec_2014Loads of great pix from this wonderful old Mill… many more to edit and work with… along with the back log of images shot earlier this week…

My thanks to my wonderful traveling companion Terry, without whom the weekend would not have been quite so much fun!

nancy donaldson - I love them all!! you’ve inspired me to get out and take more photos!!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - What great shots. How lucky you are to have such great photography locations to explore with friends!

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