Ballet Beauty

blog_28_oct_2014My love affair with my Ballet Muse Viktoria continues.  Painted in Corel Painter and additional work with textures and lighting done in Photoshop. Original image shot with Viktoria in Brooklyn, NYC earlier this year.

Joanne Thieme Huffman - She is a lovely muse and you do her justice.

Alison - Just so so beautiful.OXOX M

Allen Moore - Stunning work. Really looking forward to working with Victoria sometime.

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Curious Structures of Iceland

blog_27_oct_2014A wild and funky colored place, wild Rhubarb growing in the front and turf and stones forming the side of the old house, then a traditional turf style building masquerading as a tiny church.  There are LOTS of turf covered buildings to be seen in Iceland… I guess it helps keep things warm in the Winter!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Perfect title for your post of two beautiful photos – love the sharpness and intensity of the colors, as well as the character of the buildings.

gotham girl aka Robin - These structures are something out of a fantasy book!

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Off the Hoof – Asheville Fiber Fair, NC


So for today’s adventures, DH and I headed off to the mountains to check out the Fiber Fair up by Asheville.  Always wondrous textures, colors and lovely things that NEED to come home!  – I snagged a fancy new scarf, a funky sheep creature who has been called Sheila (sorry Sheila) and of course a new Pottery Mug for my collection…. pix tomorrow perhaps…. of the acquired treasures…

The best snaps were had out by the “Barn” where the “Sheep Show” was in progress and various Alpacas were strutting their stuff.  First time ever to see a Cowboy with an Alpaca on a leash… but I guess there is a FIRST for everything….

I refrained from buying any new wool to knit, roving to spin or other sundry fleecy goodness, but now for sure I have a hankering to get my spinning wheel out and have at it…….. I still have almost a whole fleece left to clean and spin from the last time I visited this event and that would be QUITE a few years ago…. hmmmmmm a good winter project maybe?    …..If only I knew where said fleece was stashed…..

Alison - Lucy you.I can smell that lovely fleece smell from here.Great pictures.OXOX M

Bren - Another batch of beautiful photos, you always manage to capture the mood of the moments.

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Great shots! I particularly love the last two.

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A Little Renaissance Faire….

blog_20_oct_2014Super sun-shinny day, one of those wonderful Autumn days that we are blessed with here in the Carlolinas.  Sadly not so great for photography as they make for too bright highlights and lots of shadows…. however a few good pix snapped at the day out at the Carolina Renaissance Faire… even if the photos are a bit hit and miss, the beer is really good and it’s fun to just be out and about!  Not so many fairies this year, perhaps just not the right day for them but I did catch up with my lovely model Susan Bodnar who works the festival as a Regal being, along with her Greyhound dogs…

joanne thieme huffman - What a fun looking event.

Sharmon Davidson - I enjoyed your Ren Fair photos; it’s been a long time since I went to one!

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Huff Puff and Fly Away…. Carolina Balloon Fest

blog_19_oct_2014Up at the crack of dawn to head to Statesville where the Carolina Balloon Festival was going on this weekend.
Not one for early mornings as most of you know, but needs must and the camera drives… and always well worth the effort!
Some super pix had today!

Robin aka Gotham Girl - Photography is the best motivator! Love the colors!

joanne thieme huffman - Such vibrant colors!

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