Art and Grunge in Atlanta

DH and I skipped off to Atlanta yesterday for a quick getaway to attend a Jazz reception at the High Museum of Art  and spent several hours meandering around the exhibitions whilst enjoying the lovely strains of a Jazz Quintet.  We chased that up with a tasty meal at the Spice Market, which although was good, was not a patch on the NYC version of the same….

Since in the vicinity we decided to scope out Old Car City  this morning – which did not disappoint…  We snagged a window in the rain, enough light to make for some decent picture taking and were thoroughly amazed at the cornucopia of fabulous rusty metal that lay before us…..


From Fords to Pontiacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles and even the odd old MGB and Triumph…..

The colors, textures, paint and degradation were just super fodder for the camera.

The best $25 I have spent in a longtime and it was especially delightful to connect with other photographers who were out and about at the same spot, all kind and chatty and willing to share tips and info. Definitely a very smiley (awesome grungy) place to visit!!!!


blog_20_april_b_2014And if nothing else, I came away with a huge folder of super cool textures to play with…….nevermind some super awesome weird car shots – definitely a spot to haul out the Fish Eye or super wide angle with some great resutls!!!

Alison - You would have been in your element. I know your panache for old cars. Baillingup WA OXOX M

gotham girl - These are fabulous!

joanne thieme huffman - I love the rust and decay!

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Trinity College – Dublin

blog_18_april_2014From naked ballerinas and back to buildings……  This is an image shot at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.  A pretty spiffy edifice by all accounts!

Trusting you all enjoy a wonderful Easter Holiday weekend.  Plans chez Casa Otero have been  somewhat thwarted by the weather… a trip to the beach to scope out wild horses NOT so appealing in the pouring rain.  Instead, heading for Atlanta to take in a little art and Jazz as the rain moves Eastwards.

So here’s hoping that your Bunnies hop and bounce where required and that Chocolate features prominently somewhere….. in your Easter Weekend!

joanne thieme huffman - Very imposing image. Wishing you lots of chocolate and jellybeans this week-end.

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Making Magic with Viktoria

blog_17_april_2014I’ve always had a penchant for ballerinas …. probably one of those missed childhood moments where you took ballet school for a few weeks and then for one reason or another you were dealt the cheaper option of piano lessons instead.

Through the gift of my camera lens I get to relive a few of those moments, quite vicariously I admit but I always find them inspiring.

Viktoria is an internationally reknowned model that I first shot in NYC, by way of one of my fabulous Meetup Groups there and I have actually “booked” her to shoot with me in IN the BIG  APPLE in a few weeks time and I am quite chuffed at the prospect.

Also I have created one of those INFamous LIKE pages for my Photography, so if you are inclined, then feel free to stop by …. Marie Otero Photography on Facebook and give me a LIKE if you can!

AND…. you can find the non PG version of the Ballet Dancer at 500px.

(I seem to have come a long way away from creating Mixed Media and writing for Stampington and Cloth Paper Scissors….. I guess that’s good?)

Bren - Such an elegance to their bodies and movements, wonderful images

joanne thieme huffman - Ballerinas are such a fascinating subject. Beautiful pieces.

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A Lady in Waiting….

blog_15_april-2014Sadly I have discovered no good Cloud backup solutions and so to preserve some degree of redundancy I’ve added another 4TB hard drive to the Back Up programme.  There are other backups of the BACKUPs but this whole data management thing is proving to be quite a headache.  There are no really good solutions for folk like me who have GB’s of data and large files, without resorting to corporate pricing strategies that still don’t really account for data hogs like myself.

If anyone has any better solutions I’d be glad to hear of them!!!

In the meantime, I will be backing up my backup to give me one more Terabite of space, which by my calculation and shooting rate will last me 3 months, if that!

Joanne Thieme Huffman - Gee, I thought I had storage problems.

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Capturing Candid Moments

blog_14_april_a_2014The Spring sunshine has been turned on the last few days and what better way to spend a few hours outdoors than strolling around the Scottish Festival at Rural Hills.   My candid “snapping” skills felt a bit rusty as I’ve been thinking so much about landscapey and model pictures of late but there were plenty of interesting people to take pictures of and folk generally more than willing to have their picture taken.

Aside from kilts and bag pipes galore, there were also quite a few awesome beards to be seen…..


Joanne Thieme Huffman - Looks like a great day for photos (*sigh* it snowed here last night).

Bren - These are wonderful! Great candid moments

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